What is mastering and why is it important? ”

Audio mastering is a vital part of the music production process and there are many different aspects to the process, including:


  • Audio processing - enhancing stereo mix files for optimum translation between listening applications using a variety of techniques, including EQ, mid-side processing and limiting, on both digital and analogue equipment
  • Audio restoration - removing any unwanted noise from recordings, by using a combination of EQ filtering and phase cancellation 
  • Providing mix feedback where necessary - critical listening to evaluate the effectiveness of recorded audio and leasing with the mix engineer / producer for any changes to the mix that may be needed in order to get a better sounding end product
  • Taking loudness into consideration - being sensitive to different styles without compromising  quality for loudness
  • Embedding meta data & ISRC codes onto audio files 
  • Creating DDP & red book standard files for duplication
  • Delivering high quality masters in various different formats

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