Improving the connection between artist and listener
The finishing touches your music deserves
Perfection in Balance
Katie is a mastering engineer who encourages, refines, expands and finishes. She loves to amplify the emotion and energy of an artist while bringing clarity and consistency to their art. People do not hear her best work, they feel it.
Frequently Asked Questions
All your mastering queries answered in one place, from the technical to the practical (and everything inbetween).
The mastering is brilliant. It has opened up sonically, it’s clean and powerful.
tony visconti
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To comply with GDPR, Katie has to tell you that she won't ever spam you or give your information to anyone else. All enquiries that come through her website will be replied to, but she won't add you to a mailing list and send you junk. She won't advertise at you on her website, she's literally just here for the music. Peace out.